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How to Celebrate Your Success

Don’t use someone else’s success, someone else’s beauty, someone else’s accomplishments, someone’s else’s gifts or ideas, someone else’s opportunities against yourself.

It’s easy to be happy for someone on the surface but then be harboring some jealousy or envy underneath, or maybe even resentment. 

Comparing to Others Success

We live in a comparison world where we are constantly seeing our friends and family, news, and even people we don’t know well in groups or on social media platforms doing all kinds of things. 

The tendency can be to have thoughts like “that’s great for her, but I don’t have that opportunity.”

Or “she is pretty so of course it works for her.”

Or “she has a bubbly personality so she has lots of friends.”

Nooooo! Don’t entertain those thoughts. 


Celebrate Other’s Success Like Your Own

You can be wildly happy for someone else’s success, celebrate them fully, AND be your own advocate for your own success. 

When you celebrate someone else’s success, it opens the doors for someone to celebrate your success too!

What if you KNEW that was true for you? 

How would you celebrate others, and what would you find as evidence for your own success?

Success is a relative term. You define your own success.


Find Evidence For Your Own Success

Instead of detracting from others, and saying things to yourself that inhibit your success, try writing down everything you can think of to give yourself evidence of your own success.

The more you look for evidence, the more you will find. Try this for 30 days: Write down for 5 minutes every day ways you are successful.

It can be little things: I got up and brushed my teeth. Or it can be big things: I gave my presentation at work. It all adds up. It all creates more certainty in your own success.

So If you are learning to celebrate your own success here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use other’s success against yourself
  • Celebrate others like you would yourself
  • Start building up evidence for your own success
  • Create markers for what success looks like for yourself

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how to celebrate your success


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