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Look for Less: Designer Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses are so beautiful, and it can be a great investment item to purchase, as they are usually high quality, will last a long time, and look great with many outfits. But sometimes it’s not worth splurging, so I’ve gathered some sunglasses that will give you the designer look for less!

I also wanted to provide some tips on making the decision whether to save or splurge on your look for less designer sunglasses!

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Should I splurge or save on look for less designer sunglasses?

If you are wanting to splurge, consider:
  • Cost per wear, how many times will you wear them and divide cost by that number to get cost per wear. For example: You will wear your designer glasses for 5 years, twice a week, that is 520 times! If the price is $300/520 your cost per wear is: $0.56 per wear! Breaking down the cost can help you realize if it is in your budget or not. You may end up spending more by buying disposable sunglasses multiple times per year!
  • How will you use them? Will you keep your designer glasses in a carrying case in your purse, so they don’t get scratched? Will you wear them in an environment where they could get lost or ruined?
  • What outfits will you wear them with? Considering what is already in your wardrobe and if it is something that you will enjoy wearing, the purchase could be worth it!
  • Resale potential – you may be able to recoup some of the cost by reselling a designer item when you are ready to change up your style.
If you are wanting to save, consider:
  • Cost per wear, again you can calculate how long you plan to wear these, how often you will need to replace, etc! Often times, cheaper sunglasses are not as well taken care of, break or scratch more easily, so you may need to buy more pairs of glasses throughout the next few years.
  • Trying out a trend! If you aren’t sure if you will love a style, buying a cheaper pair of designer look for less sunglasses can be a great way to try out a trend without the financial commitment.
  • Versatility, you can buy several different styles and easily change them out with different outfits, leave a pair in your car without worry of them getting lost, broken, or stolen.
  • Great for bringing on trips, or using when there is a potential for them to get lost! You don’t want your designer glasses getting swept away by a wave in the ocean, scratched up by sand in the wind, or falling off on that epic rollercoaster ride, never to be seen again!

Hopefully that helps you decide which look might be better for you, whether to go with the real deal, or the look for less designer sunglasses!

Here are some fun options I put together:

1. Karen Walker Designer Sunglasses Vs. Amazon Look for Less

Karen Walker Sunglasses // Amazon Look for Less

I love the fun tortoiseshell print on both the designer pair and the look for less, so fun and versatile to go with warm neutrals!

2. Saint Laurent Designer Sunglasses Vs. Amazon Look for Less

Saint Laurent Sunglasses // Amazon Look for Less

These edgy glasses are sure to turn heads. Whether you go for the designer pair, or the designer look for less, you will stand out in these!

3. Dior Sunglasses vs. Amazon Look for Less

Dior Sunglasses // Amazon Look for Less

These golden toned sunglasses are super classy. The oversized fit commands elegance, but also says “don’t bother me while I’m reading at the beach!”

4. DIFF Sunglasses vs. Amazon Look for Less

DIFF Sunglasses // Amazon Look for Less

DIFF is such a popular brand right now, and with good reason. They are quality, but not too expensive! I think they would go with many outfits!

No wrong choices

Whichever look you choose, you can’t go wrong. Whether you choose to splurge on that designer pair, or save on the look for less designer sunglasses, you will feel stylish!

Have confidence in your choice and enjoy your glasses!

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