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How to Have No Bad Days

Ever have a really bad day, and not sure how to turn a bad day into a good day? Most of us have all or nothing thinking. One things goes wrong, and suddenly it’s all wrong. Read on ahead to learn how to shift your thinking so you have no bad days.

Do you have all or nothing thinking?

When something in your day goes off track, and then the whole day seems ruined…

You sleep in too late and end up being grumpy and rushing the rest of the day.

Or you think you don’t have time to fit in that workout so you skip.

You eat something “bad” and then throw the whole day away and just eat whatever you want.

Then you end up feeling bad about how you wasted the day or you messed up. So you vow to start again tomorrow. Stronger tomorrow. All in.

You don’t have to throw your whole day away from one mess up. Your bad day doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can reclaim each moment for yourself, so you have no bad days.

First take responsibility.

What got in the way?

How can you do things differently?

What is the impact of doing or not doing something?

It isn’t all or nothing.

Find Small Wins

5-10 minutes of focused stretching when you planned to work out but decide to give up will build trust in yourself to follow through, and also give you some movement which is better than no movement.

Treating yourself with your favorite snack doesn’t need to be guilt inducing. Stop the guilt thoughts and enjoy your snack then get back on track.

Let’s give ourselves more grace with the all or nothing.

What will you reclaim today?

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