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How to Feel Confident in Your Wardrobe

Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning but you just don’t feel confident in your wardrobe? It’s not that your outfit is bad. It’s just that it’s not great either. And it doesn’t seem like it is doing anything. So you hide, and don’t try to go out of your way much.

If that’s you, here is a practical guide for how to feel confident in your wardrobe!

1. Buy pieces that you love

If it isn’t a 100% YES, then it doesn’t need to be in your wardrobe. It is NOT creating confidence. Of course there are basics too, but even those can be something you feel really good about. A pair of jeans that fits like a glove? Yes please. A t-shirt that is soft and easy to layer? Uh huh. A cardigan that feels like a warm hug? OK!

2. Buy pieces you can style at least three ways

This is another easy way to check if something is going to work well in your wardrobe. When your wardrobe is functioning well, you will have a much easier time feeling confident in your wardrobe!

I LOVE clothes and I like having a lot of clothes, so for me three ways allows me to have a lot of options, but still have some trendy stuff. If you’re more of a clothes minimalist, try at least 5 ways to stye each piece. It can take a little more time, but simple is sometimes even better! It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to be chic. And you will ALWAYS have something to wear that boosts your confidence. If your needing some outfit inspiration to boost your confidence, you can head to my Facebook page to see some fun looks I’ve put together, styling one piece multiple ways.

3. Incorporate different texture, patterns, and solids

confidence in your wardrobe

Textures and patterns create interest in our wardrobe. You can infuse your personality with your wardrobe. Do bright colors make you feel happy and stylish? Choose those! Do you love delicate florals? Try them and see how beautiful, feminine, and confident you feel! You can mix patterns with solids, and choose different textures like lace or leather that give you the feeling of confidence in your wardrobe.

4. Accessorize with a Jewelry

This is where the fun comes in. What lights you up? What is so FUN you just have to have it? You can go BOLD with accessories, or you can go minimal and chic. A simple gold necklace can add just the right touch to an outfit of neutrals. Or a hat can add some funky personality to an every day outfit.

Think of ways you can boost your confidence just 5% by adding one detail to improve your outfit 5%! You get to be creative here.

5. Work on Feeling Confidence from the Inside Out

confidence in your wardrobe

This is the most important point of all. Because we can put on all the pretty clothes, but if we don’t recognize our internal worth and confidence, then nothing really changes.

When you aren’t feeling confident, it is because you think something has gone wrong. That you shouldn’t be feeling that way. That you should have that magic spark where you just feel good. But learning to feel confident comes from a decision, and a commitment to start trying. Deciding to be Confident. Counting all the ups and downs as Wins.

Check out my video, The Confidence Market for a really cool visual on how to grow your confidence, just like you would grow an investment!

Think intentionally about how you want to feel ahead of time, then commit to dressing as the person who already feels that confidence!


P.S. If you feel like you KNOW you could be confident, but still feel small, like you can’t quite draw it out, I invite you to explore what it would be like to feel confident in not just your wardrobe, but every area of your life. If you’re ready to explore, book a call with me here. I know you can come away with improved confidence just from that one call. 

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