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    Thrift Store Jeans: How to Score Big on Name Brand Jeans

    I saved over $200 by scoring designer thrift store jeans. Yes, you can find the deals! Of course nothing is guaranteed, but I’m here to share some tips to help you find the best deals, and quality items when looking for high end pieces at your thrift store. Happy shopping! ***Affiliate links are used in this post. I make a small commission when you shop through my links, at no extra cost to you. I am truly grateful every time someone uses my links, as it helps me fund and bring even better content to you!*** Find the Best Thrift Stores in Your Area Not every thrift store is likely…

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    Look for Less: Designer Sunglasses

    Designer Sunglasses are so beautiful, and it can be a great investment item to purchase, as they are usually high quality, will last a long time, and look great with many outfits. But sometimes it’s not worth splurging, so I’ve gathered some sunglasses that will give you the designer look for less! I also wanted to provide some tips on making the decision whether to save or splurge on your look for less designer sunglasses! *This post is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own, however I will earn a small commission if you shop through my affiliate links, at no cost to you! This helps keep things running…

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    How to Have No Bad Days

    Ever have a really bad day, and not sure how to turn a bad day into a good day? Most of us have all or nothing thinking. One things goes wrong, and suddenly it’s all wrong. Read on ahead to learn how to shift your thinking so you have no bad days. Do you have all or nothing thinking?  When something in your day goes off track, and then the whole day seems ruined…  You sleep in too late and end up being grumpy and rushing the rest of the day.  Or you think you don’t have time to fit in that workout so you skip.  You eat something “bad”…

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    Spring and Summer Style Inspiration with Target

    Spring and Summer is such a fun time, where the weather is changing, and I start thinking about all the things I’m looking forward to. That includes getting some fresh spring and summer style inspiration! I put together some fun looks from Target to inspire you in your summer style. At the time of writing this, all items are on sale!! Dresses, jewelry and accessories are 20% off and shoes are BOGO 50% off! Can’t beat that! Use these photos as inspiration to create your own looks, or shop the post to find the exact items. Either way, remember this is just inspiration. Be inspired by your own creativity! *This…

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    Neutral Nursery Decor Inspiration

    I haven’t officially announced on my blog yet, but I’m pregnant! See our gender reveal video here! I knew I wanted some kind of neutral nursery decor, but wanted it to fit a baby boy. So not necessarily gender neutral for me. It’s been really fun researching, sourcing, gathering pieces! Although the nursery reveal isn’t quite ready, I wanted to share my neutral nursery decor inspiration and add links to pieces I already have or know that I want. ***Some links may be affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you shop through my link, at no extra cost to you. Your support is appreciated!*** If you’re…

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    How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

    It is now those months where it’s sometimes cold and sometimes warm, but you are SO in the mood for fall and pumpkin spice. During this time transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall, you may be experiencing summer, winter, and fall temperatures all in one day! Here is your guide for creating outfits to seamlessly transition into the fall season, along with some outfit inspiration! 1. Adding Fall Colors This is one of the easiest ways to bring in a fall feel to your outfit, even when you don’t want to wear something warm. Summer is often a chance to wear brighter, lighter colors, and just by bringing in warm…

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    This Thought is Stopping Confidence in Your Style

     “I am not a stylish person.” Have you ever thought that or said it out loud about yourself? It feels super true because you are believing your thought that you are not fashionable.  But here is the good news: it is just a thought. And this thought is killing your confidence in your style. You may not know all the style tips and tricks, and you may not have spent the time to think about who you are and what your style means to you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are not good at it or not capable of becoming good at it.  You Don’t Have to Be Fashionable Or Trendy to…

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    How to Feel Confident in Your Wardrobe

    Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning but you just don’t feel confident in your wardrobe? It’s not that your outfit is bad. It’s just that it’s not great either. And it doesn’t seem like it is doing anything. So you hide, and don’t try to go out of your way much. If that’s you, here is a practical guide for how to feel confident in your wardrobe! 1. Buy pieces that you love If it isn’t a 100% YES, then it doesn’t need to be in your wardrobe. It is NOT creating confidence. Of course there are basics too, but even those can be something you feel really…

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    How to Celebrate Your Success

    Don’t use someone else’s success, someone else’s beauty, someone else’s accomplishments, someone’s else’s gifts or ideas, someone else’s opportunities against yourself. It’s easy to be happy for someone on the surface but then be harboring some jealousy or envy underneath, or maybe even resentment.  Comparing to Others Success We live in a comparison world where we are constantly seeing our friends and family, news, and even people we don’t know well in groups or on social media platforms doing all kinds of things.  The tendency can be to have thoughts like “that’s great for her, but I don’t have that opportunity.” Or “she is pretty so of course it works…

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    The Importance of Brainstorming

    I’ve been taking a lot of time lately brainstorming where I want to go in my business and how to be more clear on what I am offering through my coaching. There’s sometimes a misconception that I function like a style consultant, just telling people what to wear. But really, what I love is helping people see their minds. Helping people see WHY they are making the choices they are. Helping people reach for what they are afraid they aren’t capable of. It goes so much deeper than clothing. It is about the whole lifestyle and WHO you are. It’s part of why I’m shifting my identity away from “style…