• being stuck is a choice

    Being Stuck is a Choice

    I often talk about how coaching can help you get unstuck, and it can and does because it brings awareness to the problem. But in truth it is you that gets you unstuck. Being stuck is optional, being stuck is a choice. Getting unstuck When you are feeling stuck, what is the thought behind it? That’s your queue to really think about it. What are you stuck on. Why? Seriously, writing it down will get it outside your brain. For me, it usually boils down to some kind of fear of the unknown or fear of being inadequate. I don’t want to move forward because I’m feeling scared of something.…

  • living in transformation

    Living in Transformation Doesn’t Have to Be Massive to Be Effective.

    This may seem counter to what we normally think, but living in transformation doesn’t have to be this big unachievable thing. Transformation can be such a weighty word. When I think of transformation, a lot of times I think of someone loosing 100 pounds, or coming out of a lifestyle that didn’t serve them. Or overcoming extreme anxiety or shyness. We think of the big transformations first, not living in the miracle of small transformations. Instant gratification and big transformations When we think this way, we are training ourselves to downplay the small transformations that we go through. This causes us to want instant gratification. “She became a millionaire seemingly…

  • is being busy better

    Is Busy Better?

    Today, I want to talk a little bit about the idea of “busy.” Culture today glorifies busy. We use it in our everyday conversation. “How have you been?” “Oh, I’ve been so busy!” as in busy getting stuff done in a scheduled time, or busy running around like a crazy person, unorganized doing whatever comes to mind next? Or maybe a little of both! But is busy better? Should we stay busy? Should we have scheduled time to relax? Here are a few thoughts I have related to “busy” and how instead we can focus on being more productive. Busyness or Productivity First, let’s clarify being busy vs. productivity. To…

  • steps toward confidence
    Personal Dvelopment,  Personality

    The First Steps Toward True Confidence

    I talk to a lot of clients who want to be more confident in their life. This is a wonderful thing, and I know I can help them take steps toward finding that for themselves. The trouble is when someone expects to become confident overnight. Like, it’s just going to magically happen for them. In all actuality, the first step toward true confidence is one you will probably have to take over and over and over again. You see, at the core, confidence is a belief in yourself. A certainty that you can do something. A certainty that you can be who you want to be. So the real question…

  • stop confusion
    Personal Dvelopment

    Stop Confusion, Now.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived my life as an indecisive person. Please don’t ask me to make a decision, I don’t want to be responsible for that! Cue anxious thoughts, and swirling mind drama! I remember agonizing in confusion over what to major in in college. It seemed like it was an impossible choice with no right answer. Eventually I had to just figure it out and pick something because I was out of time. And throughout my life, I always hoped no one would ask me where to eat! I don’t want that kind of pressure! Haha. We’ve all probably been there. Big decisions or…

  • be more satisfied today
    Personal Dvelopment

    How To Be More Satisfied in Life, Today!

    If I only had _____ (you fill in the blank). What is that thing that you think would make you happier, more satisfied, make life easier, or more fulfilled? For me it has been many things throughout the years and it’s kinda silly looking back on it. The oldest example I can think of is pretty funny, actually. When I was a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced until I turned 12. For some reason, turning 12 and getting my ears pierced seemed like a MAGIC number. “When I’m 12, I’ll be mature and responsible.” Well I turned 12, and I actually somehow convinced my parents…

  • find purpose in your job
    Personal Dvelopment

    How to Find Purpose in Your Job

    It seems like now more than every, we want to find the ideal job. That unicorn that is everything we are looking for that will give us purpose. So how do you find purpose in the job you have, even if you don’t love your job? I have a few thoughts and ideas that may help. For years, I worked in positions that were definitely not glamorous. I was some form of a secretary, administrator, or assistant. It’s so easy to think “I’m unimportant, I don’t make a difference, my job is boring or my job is not what I want to be doing.” I’m not perfect and there were times I…

  • powerful questions
    Personal Dvelopment

    The Powerful Questions That Can Change Your Life

    I don’t know about you, but sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Like you have all these ideas and dreams and goals, but what do you do about it? How do you laser focus in on something? Some of us were born knowing what we wanted to do in life, and others of us have to explore and try things out. I fall into the latter category for sure. One thing that I learned while attending a personal coaching workshop dramatically changed how I think about guiding myself through problem solving toward achieving my goals. That thing is how to ask powerful questions. What is a powerful question? A powerful question…

  • best business podcasts
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    The Best Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

    There is so much information out there waiting for you to learn! Podcasts are one of my all time favorite media form. No matter what you are interested in, you can probably find a podcast on that subject. Business podcasts are especially in great abundance! If you are an entrepreneur, I don’t think there is a better resource you could tap into, than podcasts to grow your business. Listening to podcasts is like having a mini-business convention or seminar in your living room or car! They are often rich with practical information that can be applied to your life or business right away. Not only are there many tips out…

  • make your morning easy routines

    How to Make Your Mornings Easy

    I am not a morning person. There, I said it. I’ve always been secretly envious of the people who can kick off the covers, jump out of bed, and instantly be in a joyful mood, ready to face the day. For me, I’d rather snuggy up and stay in my warm bed. Buuuut that would mean I don’t ever get anything done! Because my natural state is to NOT want to get up, I’ve created some morning routines. These can help you ease your way into your day and make your mornings easy. If you are like me and struggle to make your mornings productive, I hope these ideas will…