Hi, I’m Hayley

I am a style coach, a creative artist, a fashion lover, and a cat lover. I love helping others create beauty in their lives to inspire others. One way I do this is through style coaching.
When you truly feel beautiful and confident on the inside, you will have more outer confidence and be able to create a wardrobe that reflects the uniqueness of you.
When working together, we don’t just look at trends and style photos to try to match you up to some vision on Pinterest. We actually look at why you are afraid something won’t look good on you. We figure out what is keeping you in you comfort zone or from showing up with confidence. I might push you and challenge your thoughts.
Yes, there is the practicality of organizing and sorting your closet, creating shopping lists, etc. But style is so much more than a list or rules on a piece or paper. If you change the outside but don’t work on the inside, then nothing really changes.
That is where I come in. I am trained to listen from a neutral place, and to question the stories you’ve been telling yourself, or the story that someone else put on you that you took on as your own identity.
I want to inspire you to believe in yourself, love how you look outside, be proud of how you feel inside, and create more beauty in your life. I know having access to life coaching has opened so many opportunities and has radically shifted my mindset.
I want my clients to find the power and potential they have within to dress confidently so they can do more in the world without shying away from how they look or feel. That, to me, is creative beauty, and we each have it within us.
Send me a message for a free consult to find out more about working with me one on one.