Hi, I’m Hayley

I am a life coach, a creative artist, a fashion lover, and a cat lover. Sometimes it can be hard to “label” yourself when you are multi-passionate – I totally get it. It took me FOREVER to figure out who I want to be in this world and to actually ACT on it.

For a long time, I did nothing, working 8-5 jobs as an administrative or executive assistant, telling myself that it was all in preparation for where I will someday be. I was a big time dreamer but not a big time doer. I knew for others it was easy to see their success but I didn’t believe it was as simple for me to become who I wanted to be.

It began to change for me when I took training on life coaching that was provided for by my job (an INSANE blessing that I didn’t know the impact of at the time). Again, I didn’t act on anything at the time. I didn’t BELIEVE I could actually be a life coach. But a few years down the road, I began coaching here and there and realized it was amazing to see people I was working with taking action and getting results in their life.

That’s when I too decided to take real action. I decided to believe in who I was and what I was already doing! I am an artist. I am a life coach.

I want to inspire you to believe in yourself, live your dreams, and create more beauty in your life. I know having access to life coaching has opened so many opportunities and has radically shifted my mindset.

I want my clients to have crazy mind shifting results and see the power and potential they have within. That, to me, is creative beauty, and we each have it within us.