The Importance of Brainstorming

I’ve been taking a lot of time lately brainstorming where I want to go in my business and how to be more clear on what I am offering through my coaching. There’s sometimes a misconception that I function like a style consultant, just telling people what to wear.

But really, what I love is helping people see their minds. Helping people see WHY they are making the choices they are. Helping people reach for what they are afraid they aren’t capable of. It goes so much deeper than clothing. It is about the whole lifestyle and WHO you are.

It’s part of why I’m shifting my identity away from “style coach” back to “life coach.”

What does Brainstorming Develop?

Brainstorming is such a huge part of the action and goal setting process, and part of getting what we want in life. But it is one that often we don’t spend as much time on as we really should.

I think we should plan for twice as much time brainstorming as we do action planning and here is why:

Brainstorming helps us develop new thinking.
Brainstorming helps us think outside the box.
Brainstorming lets you take your ideas even further than you think you can go.

Don’t jump in too quickly to your action plan. Sometimes the first idea isn’t the best one, or is the one we have repeatedly tried that doesn’t work. Sometimes the best idea or decision is the one we didn’t consider or pushed aside too quickly. 

Curiosity in Brainstorming

Curiosity is critical here. Be curious. Be open for new ideas. Be curious what angles you haven’t thought of yet. You never know what idea is in there waiting to come out!

When I actually schedule time into my day to brainstorm new possibilities, I’ve had idea after idea, and I’m recording those as soon as they come. It’s really like anything, the more you practice brainstorming, the better and faster ideas will come to you! Sometimes I like to take “possibility walks” to help me think and generate new ideas. I spend the whole time moving and thinking about new possibilities. Sometimes it is just spending a few minutes to write down ideas and think about the future.

Here are some of my favorite brainstorming questions:

What other possibilities are there?

What additional thoughts or ideas do you have?

What is the most outrageous thing you could do? 

What would be a stretch but just might work?

What are you avoiding saying?

What comes to mind first?

What haven’t you mentioned yet?

What would be 3X better than that?

These questions spark new thinking and new possibilities. They make our brains stretch just a little more to think beyond our comfort zone. To think outside the box. Just like when you’re lifting weights and add on a few more reps or more weight. This is like that for your brain.

Think outside the box, outside your comfort zone!

Brainstorming Activity:

An activity you can try to actually apply this, this week, is whatever you are brainstorming this week, write down 10-15 possibilities. It is usually easy to write down 3-5 ideas, maybe even 6 or 7, but push yourself beyond that. Whenever your brain tells you that’s all it can think of, that means it’s time to push for a few more ideas. Write them down, even if you don’t love them. You’re exercising your muscles here!

I’d love to know if you try this exercise! Feel free to let me know how it went, if you found it difficult or easy, if it helped you think in a new way, etc!

Let your brain brainstorm. Never let inspiration die. Be willing to act on inspiration in the moment as you are thinking in possibility. Write down that outrageous idea.


P.S. If you want some extra help brainstorming something, we can do that together one on one on a call. Working one on one with a coach is an even faster way to brainstorm because you have someone outside your own mind there to help give you that little nudge and guide you toward new ways of thinking. What is even better is exercising that brain week after week for longer lasting results. Schedule a consult call here.

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