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This Thought is Stopping Confidence in Your Style

 “I am not a stylish person.” Have you ever thought that or said it out loud about yourself?

It feels super true because you are believing your thought that you are not fashionable. 

But here is the good news: it is just a thought. And this thought is killing your confidence in your style.

You may not know all the style tips and tricks, and you may not have spent the time to think about who you are and what your style means to you.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are not good at it or not capable of becoming good at it. 

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You Don’t Have to Be Fashionable Or Trendy to Have Confidence in Your Style

You don’t have to be perfectly fashionable or trendy. But you owe it to yourself and those around you to take care of yourself and show up in a way that is true to you and your roles in this life. 

It starts with your thoughts. Giving yourself an out of “I’m not stylish” allows yourself to take a pass. 

In that moment, you are right, your thoughts confirm the action you haven’t yet taken. 

You get to decide how you feel about you and what you tell yourself.

What thought could you try on instead? 

Here are some thoughts that invite compassion and curiosity about yourself and your style:

  • I am learning who I am and what my style is.
  • It’s possible for me to feel stylish.
  • When I take care of myself, I can take care of others too.
  • My clothes don’t define me, I get to define myself and choose clothes that fit me.
  • I can choose to feel stylish and fashionable or I can choose not to, it’s up to me!
  • I can learn the skills I need to put outfits together.
  • It’s fun to think of who I am and how I could dress well. 
  • My thoughts are optional. 

I’d like to invite you to try on your own thoughts!! Reply and let me know what thoughts this sparks for you, or some you can come up with for yourself!

Deciding what you want to think about your style will give you your own confidence in your style.

If you have one that you are struggling with let me know, and we can reframe it together. 

You can be stylish. The first step is deciding to try!

P.S. Come join in on the fun in my Facebook Group, Styled Confidence. It’s a great resource for developing your confidence in yourself and your style.

P.P.S. If you’re ready to dig into this work to regain your sense of style, reply and we can set up a free consult call. Developing your sense of style will give you renewed confidence in your own choices, and allow you to feel like the incredible person that you are.

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