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    Skinny Clothes and Fat Clothes and Being Comfortable in Your Skin

    I’m going to be a little bold here and say that we shouldn’t keep our skinny clothes or fat clothes in our closets. You know what I’m talking about and if you’re like me and many of my clients, you’ve had them lurking at the back of your closet, stuffed away for a while. And these clothes in a subtle way, keep us from feeling comfortable in our skin. It’s those clothes that are either just a little big, giving you a cushion for when your weight fluctuates. The “bloated” jeans, that are extra comfy but are kinda sloppy. The tiny sexy dress you’ve saved for when you FINALLY fit…

  • tips to shop for clothes online
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    Tips to Shop for Clothes Online

    You don’t have to be scared to shop for clothes online. I know it isn’t always ideal, that sometimes you just want to go to the store and try stuff on to make sure it fits. But right now, that isn’t possible, and we are shifting the way we shop to online. Clothing is one of those tricky areas that can be especially nerve wracking to shop online. With these tips, you can learn to shop online with confidence and still improve your wardrobe, even when you’re staying at home! 1. Read Reviews When You Shop for Clothes Online On many retailer sites, there are now lots of reviews on…

  • amika hair product review

    Amika Hair Product Review

    Let’s talk hair products. I struggle with very fine hair, that is half curly and half straight, making it almost impossible to style without the use of some type of heat styling. I first learned about Amika hair products a few years ago and tried their Un.Done texture spray (Amazon affiliate link) on a whim, purchasing off Amazon.  I remember it being a game changer. Finally there was something that gave my fine hair a little more grip and allowed it to be styled easily! Fast forward to my wedding. The stylist, Penny, that I went to used Amika products on my hair for my wedding. Side note – If you are…