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“Not Enough” Thinking

Have you ever woken up and your first thought of the day was ” I did not get enough sleep”? Or have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough money in your bank account? Or maybe even things have crossed your mind like “I don’t like my job enough.” So often, our default thinking is “not enough” thinking.

Common “not enough” thoughts:

I’m not pretty enough.

I’m not thin enough.

There aren’t enough good men in the world.

I’m not muscular enough.

There isn’t enough money.

I didn’t get enough sleep.

I don’t feel well enough.

I don’t have enough energy.

There aren’t enough people who care.

And I could go on and on. We all have dealt with not enough thinking in some way. When we are thinking in “not enough” we are NOT thinking in what we already have. We are not being grateful, we are not thinking about serving in any way. We are being self-centered.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

What would need to change in order to get to a place of “enough?”

What if you had everything you needed to get started right now?

What does “enough” look like?

What if you greeted the day thinking about what you do have? You have a bed, you have a roof over your head, etc.

What if you were grateful for what you had, and asked yourself instead, “How can I best use what I have?”

What actions do you need to take to help still your negative inner voice?

If feeling “not enough” is something you commonly feel, I’d encourage you to dig in to these questions, and answer them for yourself. Acknowledging where yo

“Enough” thinking creates space for new solutions.

Thinking from a place of gratefulness opens you up to creating more opportunity, and to start seeking new solutions. It also opens you up to being creative and resourceful, and at peace. When we are worrying about what we do not have, it creates a sense of distress in us. When we think about things we do have, it creates thankfulness and hope. When we are thinking in “enough” energy, we will be more satisfied in life.

So ask yourself this: “What do I have enough of today?”

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Not enough thinking

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