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How to Style Clothes You Already Have

We’ve all been there. The dreaded open up my closet and have nothing to wear feeling. I’ve sat there staring at the clothes as if an outfit would magically put itself together for me! Or I’ve picked up the same tired pieces wondering how I can possibly look cute in that sweater that is 5 years old already. How has it already been 5 years since I’ve bought that thing??

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the constant ads of the latest greatest thing. We are so inundated by marketing where ever we look. I am a big saver, although I do like to invest in good pieces and even trendy pieces from time to time. I don’t like to feel pressure to always buy new stuff though. Being totally honest here – seeing new stuff everywhere can make me feel like the clothes I already have are not good enough.

The reality is, most of us are so abundantly blessed that we have a closet full of clothes. What if we could be grateful for what we have and look for new ways to style the clothes we already have in our closets?

To solve this problem, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to style clothes you already have and feel good about the outfits you are wearing!

1. Start with Sufficiency and Gratefulness

Styling clothes you already have starts with deciding to love what you have. You bought those clothes for a reason. Chances are they are not truly out of date yet (unless you still have outfits from Junior high…not to worry, I’ve been there too! haha). Coming from a place of sufficiency is a great place to start because you will be thinking creatively about what you do have instead of what is missing. If you’re struggling with the idea of sufficiency with what you have try this post, or this one on having an “enough” mindset.

2. Sort through and decide what you really love.

What do you always feel good in? What makes you feel confident? If you have those go to pieces you will never have to wonder what to wear when you have something come up where you want to look especially cute. Having confidence in what you know you feel great in will allow you to look your best and feel your best.

3. Figure out WHY you love it.

What is it about that shirt or dress that makes you feel so good? Is it the material, the color, the cut, the pattern or embellishment? Is it versatile that you can wear it for a day at the office and transition to a night out? Knowing what you love about something can help you when you are shopping for new pieces. If you know a certain cut flatters you, you can start there and build only pieces you love in your wardrobe.

4. Challenge yourself to wear things you haven’t worn in a while.

Simply challenging yourself to wear an outfit or piece you haven’t worn in a while can get you out of your style rut. Can you wear a different necklace or earrings with it than you usually do? Can it pair with a skirt instead of jeans? Experimenting and trying to style things differently can add unexpected fun to your outfits. And you may just find a new combination you love!

5. Know when it truly is time to simplify and cycle out old clothes.

Sometimes an outfit has had its time. Maybe it doesn’t fit anymore, maybe it is totally pilled or torn. Maybe you just don’t enjoy wearing it and never have. If that is the case, out with the old! Remember to keep a log of items you know you need so you can replace it if needed. I hear a lot of concerns that you can’t get rid of something until you have something new but chances are you are never going to bother getting something new if the old one is still sitting there in your closet. Whether that is fear of finding a suitable replacement piece, or fear that you won’t have something to wear in the mean time, don’t let that fear hold you back from moving forward in styling your wardrobe.

What helps you recycle through your own wardrobe to style clothes you already have? Have you discovered something you forgot about and put back in your rotation?

Normally wear a blouse with a certain skirt? Try it with jeans! It can change up the whole look and make it fresh again simply by pairing it with something out of the box.

6. Be mindful of your thinking when you think about how to style clothes you already have!

I am guilty of saying “I don’t know what to wear!” or “I have nothing I like in my closet.” This simply isn’t true. I had to decide to buy or keep each item of clothing in my closet. I didn’t make those choices for no reason. When I take ownership over my choices, I remember why I DO like something and I’m more likely to wear it again.

Instead, try thoughts that get you possibility thinking when you are choosing what to wear. “What would make me feel confident today?” or “What is a simple outfit that will work for today?” Being stylish can mean a simple outfit too!

7. Be willing to be adventurous/experiment.

You don’t have to wear anything crazy, but it’s ok to try different things. To play. Often we worry more about what other people think about what we are wearing than just deciding to go for it. If those shoes feel clunky, so you don’t choose them, is it because they actually are uncomfortable, or do you just perceive that they are out of your normal clothing comfort zone? Give them a chance and actually wear them. If they still don’t feel like you, they can go bye bye.

You never know, you just might find a new combination you love or rediscover something that has been at the back of the closet!

There are so many styles these days, that often old things become new or trendy again. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

What items in your closet do you have trouble styling? Have you found ways to mix it up and style clothes you already have? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

If you would like one on one help to sort through your closet and find your own unique style, and how to repurpose your clothing and feel great about it, I offer coaching packages that include focus on both your external style as well as internal things that may be holding you back. Contact me here for a free consultation call where we will figure out where you are right now and where you want to be in your style goals.

how to style clothes you already have

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