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Living in Transformation Doesn’t Have to Be Massive to Be Effective.

This may seem counter to what we normally think, but living in transformation doesn’t have to be this big unachievable thing. Transformation can be such a weighty word. When I think of transformation, a lot of times I think of someone loosing 100 pounds, or coming out of a lifestyle that didn’t serve them. Or overcoming extreme anxiety or shyness. We think of the big transformations first, not living in the miracle of small transformations.

Instant gratification and big transformations

When we think this way, we are training ourselves to downplay the small transformations that we go through. This causes us to want instant gratification. “She became a millionaire seemingly overnight!” “He lost that weight FAST!” We see the results of others. And we feel like we will never get there.

Live in the little transformations.

But you can get there, and you will get there. In order to do that, the big transformation isn’t the main goal. Learning to live in transformation in the little moments is when lasting transformation happens.

Didn’t pick up that donut today? Great! Did you transform your whole body today by not eating that donut at church? No. But you had a small transformation in the moment. When you keep having small transformations, being committed to the small transformations, they will start to compound.

Celebrate what went well!

Don’t skip over celebrating what went right today. What are you proud of yourself for? Telling ourselves these things help build neural pathways that rewire our brains to actually look for transformations in our daily lives.

What would it be like if you were always living in transformation? How would your day go? How would you show up if you knew you had it in you to transform in some small way?

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