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How to Find Purpose in Your Job

It seems like now more than every, we want to find the ideal job. That unicorn that is everything we are looking for that will give us purpose. So how do you find purpose in the job you have, even if you don’t love your job?

I have a few thoughts and ideas that may help. For years, I worked in positions that were definitely not glamorous. I was some form of a secretary, administrator, or assistant. It’s so easy to think “I’m unimportant, I don’t make a difference, my job is boring or my job is not what I want to be doing.” I’m not perfect and there were times I would fall into that trap, but that doesn’t serve you or your employer.

I’m not talking about toxic job situations here. Of course there are times where a job just isn’t a good fit or you are in an environment that is toxic or abusive. Certainly, if that is the case, it might be the best thing for both you and your employer to look at other options.

What I AM talking about is, when you just generally have a negative or bad attitude about things in your job that are holding you back from finding your purpose and being who you want to be!

SO here are some ideas on how to find purpose in your job!

Ask yourself what strengths you are using.

Sometimes it is a matter of recognizing where you are working in your strengths. It can be a little thing and you can be creative! Are you good at encouraging? If you are in a customer service role, or even with co-workers, how are you using encouragement to make someone’s day?

Are you detail oriented? What are you doing in your job working with details that is making everyone’s work easier? Doing this exercise can even help you realize if you are in a job that is really NOT using your strengths and maybe give you the courage to move toward something new!

Commit to being the best you can be.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we let ourselves get lazy. Especially in our minds. We feel like we are entitled to feeling happy all the time and get recognition no matter if we are doing a stellar job, or coasting by. Simply by committing to be the best you can be every day, can not only boost your mood, but can boost your productivity too. Did you get your work done extra quickly? What else can you be doing today that can improve the workplace?

Ask if there is anything you can be doing better.

Sometimes simply asking your supervisor or co-workers what you can be doing better can give you the boost you need to feel like you have a purpose in your current position. This not only shows humility to your boss for being willing to take any criticism or correction, but also gives you an opportunity to have a tangible measure for how you can improve.

Think about how your role plays into the bigger picture.

One thing that helps me find purpose wherever I am is thinking about how what I’m doing fits in to the bigger picture. When working on a project that seems small or frustrating, think about how this is helping the company. What processes have you put in place that have a great impact on the company. If you didn’t do your role, what wouldn’t get done? Small things add up into big things!

There are few ideas and thoughts to think about to help you find purpose in a job. Have you tried any of these? What other suggestions can you think of that can help you gain perspective and find purpose in your current job?

how to find purpose in your job

Are you feeling really stuck or purposeless? Do you know that you aren’t in a job using your strengths? I love getting into the nitty gritty, figuring out what you really, really want to be doing. Book a free call and follow up with me, and we can get you started in the right direction! 

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