Hand Lettered Envelopes


Custom Hand Lettered Envelope using either envelopes you provide or envelopes provided by me.

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NOTE: Please contact me for customizations before purchasing!

If you’re looking for an extra special touch to make your wedding or event stand out, hand lettered envelopes are a great way to provide a high-end and classy detail. Your guests will feel like VIP’s and be excited to attend with these personalized envelopes. These hand lettered, custom envelopes will help your event be memorable and stand out from the moment your guests or clients receive your invitation or letter in the mail.

I use archive quality ink and thick quality envelopes. I letter whatever color envelopes you send to me, or you can purchase envelopes that I have in stock.

Upon ordering, we will decide on the appropriate ink color and style you would like. You will need to allow time to ship your envelopes to me, time for completion of the project, and time for me to ship the envelopes back to you. Please include 20 extra envelopes when sending  your envelopes to me, to allow for any adjustments, if needed. You will need to provide a complete guest list, and we will discuss formatting of how you want the names written.

Envelopes are $2.50 per envelope, if you provide the envelope and $3.50 if I provide the envelope.

I hope to work with you to create the special touch you are looking for, for your next event!